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Engineer in Computer Science

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Who am I?

I am a young engineer in software engineering of Cameroonian origin. I develop programs of all kinds such as websites and management software. Passionate about artificial intelligence, I am currently conducting research in this area in order to develop ever more intelligent solutions for you. Manager of a startup named MboaGeek in the field of software engineering since 2017, I believe in the potential of Africa to rise by developing in the field of ICTs.


Makepe, Carrefour Rhône Poulenc – Douala – Cameroon



Phone number

+237 655 669 952
+237 653 747 134

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Web development

Good knowledge of HTML5
UI design with CSS3
Using the jQuery library
Dynamic pages with AJAX
Bootstrap3 framework experience
Notions on SEO
MVC practice with Laravel5 and Yii2

Database Administration

In-depth knowledge of SQL
Management of referential and functional integrity constraints
Using transactional databases
Long experience of MySQL
Handling GIS with PostgreSQL
Oracle 11g overview

Management software

Practice of analysis with UML
Application of agile models
Git versionning of repositories
Mastery of C# and VB.NET
Using the Java language
Knowledge of Qt library
Python language experience

Artificial intelligence

Logic programming with Prolog
Setting up chatbots on websites
Expert system design with CLIPS
Mastery of formal logic
Deep Learning on NeurophStudio
Using meta-heuristics
Knowledge of advance algorithms


Master of Engineering

Douala Institute of Technology (2 ans - en cours)

In this specialized institute, I take lessons to deepen my knowledge and I also learn the basics of artificial intelligence and technologies of expert systems, facial recognition, automatic processing of natural language, etc.

Professional licence

IUT de Ngaoundéré (1 an)

En option Génie Logiciel, j'ai eu le privilège d'apprendre à développer des applications et à mener un projet de manière professionnelle. A la fin, j'ai travaillé sur un projet nommé Enterprise Board dont le but était de diffuser plus rapidement les informations au sein de l'Etablissement.
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IUT de Ngaoundéré (2 ans)

Here, I learned the basics of programming by browsing several languages from C, C ++ to C #. I had the opportunity to do an internship at the National Center for Development of Informatics (CENADI) of Yaoundé where I developed a web application for sustainable material management.
Download the project report


IUT de Ngaoundéré

July 2017 – September 2017

Academic internship. Development of a web application for managing the rapid delivery of ads.

CENADI de Yaoundé

June 2016 – September 2016

Academic internship. Development of a web application for sustainable material management.

ASECNA de Garoua

May 2015 – June 2015

Worker internship. Machine maintenance. Assistance with the development of many applications.

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   Professional skills

  • 72% Complete
    Communication 72%
  • 85% Complete
    Leadership 85%
  • 96% Complete
    Learning 96%

   Technical skills

  • 84% Complete
    Web development 84%
  • 71% Complete
    Database Administration 71%
  • 93% Complete
    Management software 93%
  • 68% Complete
    Artificial intelligence 68%


Contact me

Address :

Makepe Rhône Poulenc, Douala - Cameroon

Phone number :

+237 653 747 134 (MTN) | +237 655 669 952 (Orange)

Email :